Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to be a part of the Valley Players family. Feeling like you’d like to join us? If anything below interests you, contact us and let us know. Read on!

Got tools?

Do you like building things? Painting things?

Valley Players can always use an extra hand constructing flats, specialty set pieces, and painting.

Not good with your hands, but good at organizing things? Help coordinate build days and construction volunteers!

Love theater?

Always wanted to work on a play but are shy about stepping on stage? Be a stagehand/runner! Do things as diverse as turn revolves, fly in walls and position furniture – all in the semi-darkness, so no one can really see you.

Want to do more? Learn to be a Stage Manager! Be the director’s right-hand and learn to herd actors.

Great communicator?

Can a performance be great if no one is there to see it? Help get the word out about Valley Players’ productions. Whether you are a writer, photographer, graphic designer or social media wizard, your skills are needed!

Or maybe you’re willing to distribute posters and flyers… whatever you do, our marketing and publicity team can use some extra talent.

Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

Imagine putting together the right costume and props year round! Not all of Valley Players’ productions require special costumes, but when they do…. well, they do. If you love bargain shopping for odd items or can make that old prom dress look like a 19th century gown, then we’ve got a role for you!

Or maybe, you’re a good organizer? The prop/costume room can use your loving touch.

Special Projects

So many things we’d like to do, so little time and resources to do it! One of Valley Players’ goals is to reach out more to our community. We’re working at such things as school outreach with the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center, producing a monthly radio play, mounting a kids show for Connolly Ranch’s annual Earth Night Festival and Fundraiser, instituting a local playwright’s competition, preparing a series of “Pocket Performances” to showcase at local community meetings and events, and running a summer kids’ program.

If you’re interested in spearheading one of these exciting projects or just lending a hand, let us know!

Various and Sundry

And of course, Valley Players has the usual needs:

Fundraising – from the complexities of grant writing to simple program ad sales, any help large or small is greatly appreciated.

Coordinating volunteers – once we have people willing to help out, we’ll need, you guessed it – someone (or ones!) to help ensure they have the tools and information they need!

Play Readers – choosing plays can be a difficult job. There may be one that works in a stack of 50. If you like to read, we’ve got the material!


Interested? Contact us and let us know!