Arts In April Press Release – March 29, 2018

Valley Players to Perform in St. Helena on April 14

As part of St. Helena’s Arts in the Streets event on April 14, Valley Players, picked by the Bohemian as Napa County’s best theater troupe for 2018, will be performing three short comedic plays in St. Helena’s Lyman Park.

NAPA, CA, MARCH 29, 2018 – These hilarious short comedies, The Lives of the Great Waitresses, Sure Thing, and Mere Mortals, are sure to be crowd pleasers. 

In Lives, written by Nina Shengold, June Alane Reif, Debbie Baumann, Barbara Nemko and Amy Palagi play four waitresses, each with her own brand of zen, who share the secrets of being one of the greats.  In David Ives’ Sure Thing, would-be couple Bill, played by Gabriel Frey, and Betty, played by Megan Palagi, meet at a coffee shop and attempt to connect, continually stumbling or winding up in a dead-end; but every time they blunder, a merciful bell resets the conversation, resulting in a second, third, or even fourth chance to make a good impression. Mere Mortals, also by David Ives, eavesdrops on a lunch hour on a girder 50 stories over a New York City street, as three construction workers, played by Robert Silva, Rob Barlow and Daryl Roberts, share increasingly amazing secrets of their past. 

Don’t miss these performances, along with other Arts in the Streets events (poetry readings, music, and interactive arts for children and adults).  The event runs from 1 to 4 pm.

The lineup is as follows!
1:00-1:15 ~ Annette Summersett (music)
1:15-1:35 ~ MERE MORTALS by David Ives
1:35-1:55 ~ Joe Shoemaker (music)
1:55-2:05 ~ SURE THING by David Ives
2:05-2:35 ~ Lara Avery (Music)
2:35-2:43 ~ LIVES OF THE GREAT WAITRESSES by Nina Shengold
2:45-3:15 ~ Jeffrey Johnson-Mcfarland (Music)
3:15-3:30 ~ Jeremy Benson 3:30-4pm ~The Luddites (music)


About Valley Players
Founded in 2016, Valley Players is a community-based group from the Napa Valley. Their focus is to produce quality affordable live theater from plays of both the classic and contemporary genres that provide roles both on-stage and off for women over 40. Naturally, they will also have roles for men and younger women, but they strive to include as many women as possible in each aspect of theatrical production – from writing to acting to directing to design and much more. It is their joy to bring live theater to the Napa Valley.

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Marketing / Publicity
Valley Players
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