Reactions to The Lover

June Alane Reif and Richard Pallaziol, The Lover by Harold Pinter, Valley Players, Napa Valley, California“Superbly ironic” and “elegantly smooth.” —Sasha Paulsen, Napa Valley Register

“…excellent play, don’t miss it… I can assure you, it is a total enjoyment!! ” —Maricela Soria

“What a fantastic play I saw last night! THE LOVER is a mind-bending expose on how couples can play naughty little games – smokin’ hot! Superb acting by the two lead players. It really makes you wonder who is cheating on who as they mess with each other and what a tangle it is! Who’s fantasy is who’s? The stage is grand with a swanky set up – beautifully directed and I can’t stop thinking about it! Well done Valley Players!” —Cata Parkhurst

“… loved it, loved it! The acting was sublime, the directing and staging superb. We felt like we were in the living room of this naughty and playful couple. There we’re surprises galore. What a great premiere for this new company of seasoned actors and their talented director and crew.” —Bonnie Gamble

“Extraordinary performance from the cast. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend that you look out for future shows from this group of seasoned actors.” —Robert Fisher