Auditions for Anton in Show Business

Auditions for Valley Players’ production of Anton in Show Business by Jane Martin will be held on Tuesday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 1 at 6:30 pm at 925 Golden Gate Drive in Napa, California.  Directed by Megan Palagi, Anton in Show Business will play May 9, 10 & 11 at the Lincoln Theater in Yountville and May 13 & 14 at Bay Area Stage in Vallejo.

Seven women play fifteen roles—breaking gender and age barriers—in this madcap comedy that follows three actresses across the footlights, down the rabbit hole and into a strangely familiar Wonderland that looks a lot like American theatre.

Tuesday and Wednesday, February 28 & March 1 at 6:30 pm.

7 women, preferably 40 or older. 1 African American, all other roles open to any race/ethnicity. Will consider actresses in their 20s & 30s for the role of Joby
6 stagehands (non-speaking) of any gender/age/race/ethnicity. (Stagehands need not audition. Just let us know you are interested.)

Resume and headshot requested, but not mandatory. Single, preferably comedic monologue and cold reading. No pay, non-AEA.

Download your audition form here! (Audition forms will also be available at the door.)

Please send an email to with your name and the date(s) you plan to attend.

Anton in Show Business Character Breakdown

T-Anne: Stage Manager for the San Antonio, Texas Actors Express Theater Company (African American)
Also plays: Andwyneth: Artistic Director of San Antonio’s Black Rage. One of a string of directors hired to direct Three Sisters; Don Blount: Vice President for Grants and Contibutions at Albert & Sons Tobacco, corporate sponsor for Three Sisters; Gate Manager: Gate Check-In attendant at San Antonio airport

Lisabette Cartwright: Sweet, ingénue type. Naïve, religious, charming and energetic. Cast first as Masha, then Irina in Three Sisters

Casey Mulgraw: Jaded, experienced theater actress. Rather plain and a bit bitter. Cast as Olga in Three Sisters

Kate (Katrina Todoravskia): Producing director of Actors Express Theater Company
Also plays: Gate Announcer (San Antonio): Voiceover / off-stage; Ben Shipwright: A craggy actor. Married with children. Plays Vershinin in Three Sisters; Jackey: The gay male costume designer for Actors Express Theater Company

Wikéwitch Konalkvis: Polish immigrant director. One of a string of directors hired to direct Three Sisters
Also plays
: Airport Announcer (New York): Voiceover / off-stage; Ralph Brightly: British theater director from Toads Hall Rep in London. One of a string of directors hired to direct Three Sisters Joe Bob Mattingly: Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Actors Express Theater Company

Holly Seabé: A dropdead gorgeous (but fading) TV Star. Cast as Irina, then Masha in Three Sisters

Joby: A graduate with an MFA in dramaturgy and audience member

6 Stagehands, non-speaking but nevertheless very much a part of the cast.